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Michał Szablowski

Music composer & sound designer

I am a film music composer and a sound designer. Powered by passion for music I have delved into worlds of features, animations, documentaries, series and tv shows.

A first movie I scored was “Women Collection” (“Kolekcja Sukienek”, dir. Marzena Więcek), a psychological drama starring an acclaimed Polish cast. The music met with a very positive reception and soon another opportunity to score a feature arrived. This time it was a fantasy drama titled “Behind the blue door” (“Za Niebieskimi Drzwiami”, dir. Mariusz Palej), which was a bold and original proposal of youth cinema.

In 2019 I composed a soundtrack for animated series “Tim and the Master” (“Tymek i Mistrz”) and one year later for “Space kick” (“Kosmiczny wykop”) both directed by well known director Bartek Kędzierski. In 2022 I had the pleasure of composing 10 minutes piece for a special event at Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain, commemorating a flood that hit Wrocław in 1997.

I am an author of music and sound design in commercials of many popular brands, like Opera Software, Gateway, Microsoft, Huawei and more. That's a reason of many insights that I have about audio branding and its crucial role in establishing a cohesive and modern image of a given brand.

My music aired on most popular TV stations in Poland (HBO, TVN, Polsat) and has been heard in many cinemas in Europe and abroad.
I have also been involved in a lot of theater work, both for adult and children audiences.

Whether it is music or sound design, I am always focused on details and open to new creative challenges. In my work I collaborate with other musicians, sound engineers and instrument creators in order to achieve the deepest sound and best quality.

Approach me if you are looking for an original piece of sound and music. Thanks to my experience, passion and creative intuition I will help you elevate your work.


Selection of my projects

List of my projects
2023, Science documentary (no title yet) [in progress], doc| music, sound design, mix
2023, Hydropolis, commercial| music, sound design, mix
2022, Earthed (Uziemieni), animated short | music
2022, Underground ghosts, short | music, sound design, mix
2022, Palm Jebel Ali, commercial | music, sound design, mix
2022, Independent, commercial | sound design, mix
2022, Medycyna 4.0 (Medicine 4.0), documentary series | music, sound design, mix
2022, Wina Kupidyna, theater spectacle | music
2022, Flood ‘97, special show of the Wrocław Multimedia Fountain | music
2022, SRDK - 35 lat, brand film | sound design, mix
2021, Nauka do potęgi (Science2Power), documentary series | music, sound design, mix
2021, Opera GX, commercials | music, sound design, mix
2021, Gateway Gaming Series, commercial | music, sound design, mix
2021, Wrocław University of Science, commercial | music, sound design, mix
2021, ABA Bank, commercial | sound design, mix
2020, Mnie tu nie ma, multimedia exhibition in the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław | music
2020, Kosmiczny wykop (Space kick), animated series, season 1-24 episodes | music
2020, Cudo Kombucha, commercial | music, sound design, mix
2020, Cyberpunk 2077 release ads, commercial | mix
2020, SDC, commercial | sound design, mix
2019, Tymek i Mistrz (Tim and the Master), animated series, season 1, 1-13 episodes | music
2019, Huawei MWC19 - Innovation is in the details, commercial | sound design, mix
2018, Hyperion - Energylandia, commercial | music
2018, Power Bloom, brand film, commercial | music, sound design, mix
2017, Spotkanie ze smakiem, TV show | opening music, main background music
2017, Grand Kitchen, commercial | music
2017, W absolutnej ciszy - teaser (In absolute silence - teaser), teaser | music
2017, W absolutnej ciszy (In absolute silence), feature documentary | music
2016, Piekarnia Centrum Sztuki (Old Bakery Art Center), commercial, short | music, sound design, mix
2016, Za niebieskimi drzwiami (Behind the blue door), feature | music
2016, Kolekcja sukienek (Women collection), feature | music
2016-2020, Married at first sight - Polish edition, TV Show | production music
2015, Part Girl, short | music
2010 - 2015, multiple spectacles for children | music

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What People Say?

As a film director and producer I have had – and still have - the distinct pleasure of working with Michał on various film projects – documentary and commercial - where he usually is responsible both for music composition and sound design. His hands-on approach, professionalism, versatility, creativity and openness to our unending pursuits make him a key contributor to our projects and truly exceptional individual. Thank you and keep up the good work!

— Łukasz Śródka, co-owner and director at Camera Nera

We've had a pleasure to work on a number of popular television programs. Michał delivered music of great quality, working under a lot of time pressure. Wonderful collaboration.

— Grzegorz Madej, EarlGrey, productions for TVN station


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